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Kamelia*PL is a small registered cattery, breeding as a hobby Siberian neva masquerade cats. Our aim is to breed happy, carefree, sociable and healthy kittens of very good type and temperament.

Our cattery was founded in 2004.

It came into being because of our passion for cats, especially for this beautiful colour point variety of Siberians – neva masquarade.

Everything started when our first neva cat came to us from Saint Petersburg, Russia – the motherland of nevas. This lovely blue-eyed baby immediately won our hearts and very soon more cats have joined us and have filled our home with joy.

Our cats derive from the best Russian lines from very titled ancestry, including lots of World Champions. We directly imported our cats from the most famous and reputable Russian catteries after a long and well-thought-out selection.

Our cattery is small, what we consider to be our big advantage, because we are able to give all our cats and kittens as much time, love, attention and care, as they need.

Our cats and kittens are rightful family members and take part in all our home activities. They are very affectionate, intelligent, sociable and devoted beings.

Every one is individual and unique, like humans are.

Our cats successfully take part in cat shows, where they are often distinguished.

We are a member of Polish Feline Association (WCF).

Our pets are fed premium food. We use Royal Canin cat food in our cattery and we belong to the Feline Breeder Club Royal Canin.